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About Hashiloni Farm


  • Since 1995, Hashiloni Farm has developed and produced organic products and plant-based promotional products, both under the Hashiloni brand as well as for the private label brands of leading companies in Israel. We at Hashiloni Farm strongly believe in making conscious choices about the foods we eat and the way in which we choose to live our lives.

    We grow most of the seeds ourselves, and the ones we outsource elsewhere are grown for us by certified organic farmers. The coconut fiber used as a growing medium is also organic and from a sustainable source. We are very proud of our organic certification.


  • As a way to help the community, Magic Sprouts TM products are packed by people with special needs. In purchasing our products, you help to enrich the lives of these people.

    We recently also developed innovative products especially for pets. They deserve to enjoy nutritious food, too – don't you think?


  • The "Home Sprouting Kit", one of our leading products, is sold by Shufer-sal, the largest food chain in Israel. "Home Sprouting Kit" sprouts are fresher and healthier. Eating our organic sprouts immediately after harvest ensures the highest levels of nutritional factors. By its "do it yourself" nature, Green educational values are advocated.


  • With the development of the innovative but simple MagicSproutsTM Home Sprouting Kit, you can now easily grow organic sprouts in our your home. From planting the seeds through harvesting the fresh sprouts, it’s fun for kids and grownups alike. And adding the sprouts to salad or sandwich is just about the best thing you can do for yourself and your family's nutrition. To your great health!



    Hashiloni Farm.


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